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Easter treasures – Fairytale trail

age 3 – 99 years
place Castle Veveří surroundings
29.3.2021 8:00 – 05.4.2021 20:00 

Easter is a major Christian holiday, a very important Jewish holiday and an important pagan holiday. It is a mysterious period full of magic, when the rocks open and give up their treasures, but only to those who deserve it.

Set out on a trip in an awakening nature, following the footsteps of legends and ancient traditions. Try your luck, maybe the land will reveal to you the most expensive of all the treasures.

The task trail, motivated by legends about Easter treasures and traditions, will take you around the castle Veveří. In the Czech language, there are two versions, a fairy-tale one for preschool children and an adventure one for school children. In English and Russian, only an easier fairytale version is available. Nevertheless,  everybody younger and older can enjoy the fairytale story.

It is necessary to register for the event. After registering for the project, we will send you a brochure containing instructions for the game in term 29.3.-3.4. The brochure contains interesting information about the Easter season, worksheets for children, ideas for creating and recipes. One registration is enough for the family, but if you want to attend with friends, please register all.

The start is at the parking lot under the castle.

Registration is open from 8. 3. 2021 0:00


Fill out the form in Latin letters.