What is the Adaptation and Integration course about?


  • Adaptation-integration courses (AIC) are educational seminars about Czech society that help you to orientate in the Czech Republic as quickly as possible, to familiarize yourself with the basic rights and obligations of a foreigner.

  • Adaptation-integration course lasts 4 hours.

  • AIC are devided into public and non-public courses.

  • Price for the public courses is 1500 CZK for one person

  • You will complete it on the specific date you sign up for.

  • To complete the course you will not have to take an exam, but you will get a document for participating the course – certificate.

Who is obligated to complete the course?

  • Every foreigner, who got a permition for a long-term residence in the Czech Republic after January 1, 2021. Also every foreigner, who has got a permition for a permanent residence
    without the requirement of a temporary residence, is obligated to complete AIC by the time they have had residence permit card collected for one year.
  • More detailed information about who is obligated to complete the course and who is not you can findon the wesite of Ministry of the Interior or on website Welcome to the Czech Republic


When do I have to attend the course?

You must complete the adaptation-integration course within one year of receiving your residence permit card, if you fail to fulfill this obligation, you may be fined up to CZK 10,000.

Who organises the course and where does it take place?

AIC are always administered by Centres for Support of Integration of Foreign Nationals. There are 18 Centres like this in the Czech Republic and the foreigner can choose any of themto takethe course at.

AIC in the South Moravian Region is organised by Center for foreigners JMK.

Who will teach the course and in what language?

The course is taught by a qualified educator in the Czech language. The course content is interpreted into English, Arabic, French, Mongolian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian or Vietnamese by a qualified interpreter.


What will you get to know during the course?

Foreigners, who have moved to the Czech Republic and are going to have a long-term residence there, will get a basic information about:

  • The Czech Republic in general
  • Culture
  • Problems with residence
  • Education systém and recognition of education
  • Employment and business
  • Medical insurance and public health
  • Social system and social security
  • Accommodation
  • Family life and the way the state supports families
  • A lot of further information about every-day life in the Czech Republic

What is the difference between a public and private course?

  • You can take a public course in our Center for foreigners JMK.
  • The private course is organized by the employer in cooperation with the integration center.


Click for more information  Vítejte v Čr.

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