How to register?

  1. Register via the portal
  2. Pay the corresponding payment (1 500 Kc) and keep the payment confirmation. Do not forget to fill in the variable symbol during the paying process
  3. Register for the chosen date and wait for the registration confirmation, which will be sent to your e-mail.
  4. Commute to the course. Do not forget about the residence permit card.

You can not registrate for the course without residence permit (ePKP).

You do not know how to registers for the course? You can watch a video here.

For detailed instructions on registering in the FRS system and Adaptation and Integration Courses, click here: Návod na registraci účastníka do FRS & na adaptačně-integrační kurz.

You do not know how to fill in the money order? You can watch a video HERE.