For Municipalities

Foreigners are a stable part of Czech society and comprise a significant social group. The arrival of new migrants affects big cities, as well as smaller cities and towns. 

The integration of foreigners often occurs on the local level. Common everyday interactions play an important role; relationships at home, at work, in school and within community life. This is why the role of towns is key in the integration process.  


Manuals for towns (in Czech)

Recommendations for towns in the area of integration of foreigners (Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic)

Manual of local integration of migrants in the Czech Republic (Association for Integration and Migration)

Refugee manual for cities and towns (Green Party)

First aid for refugees from Ukraine


Applications for Grants 

Subsidy of the Ministry of Interior for municipalities 

  • Option for grants for activities and events related to the arrival of migrants from Ukraine: interpreting, consultations, work of coordinators/social workers, Czech language courses, children’s groups, day camps… but also group activities where people can get to know each other

  • Financing from the MoI – 95%, co-financed by the municipality
  • Options to include costs incurred from 24.2.2022 until 31.12.2022

For Whom is this Subsidy?

It is for all municipalities, voluntary associations of municipalities, towns, statutory cities (umbrella projects) or city districts and districts of statutory cities that want to support or are already supporting the integration of Ukrainian citizens who were granted temporary protection.   

What is the grant limit?

It is not given. What is important is the justification of necessity.  

How many people from the target group must be in the municipality? 

The necessity of the project must be fundamental and properly justified in the grant application. There is no fixed limit; it depends on the description of the need to implement the project and the description of the situation.  

Who is the target group? Is it limited to Ukrainians who were granted temporary protection status?

The target group is not only comprised of citizens from Ukraine. In a wider sense, the target group is society (e.g., areas of information about integration, introductory activities, etc.).  

 Which activities are most welcome?

Provision of coordination. Ensuring general consultation for people with temporary protection and the following activities: activization work, language courses, extracurricular activities with children with temporary protection status (e.g., day camps with language classes, joint activities with children from the hosting society), and activities supporting harmonious living between the holders of temporary protection and locals.   

When must the projects take place?

The grants must be used by 31. 12. 2022. At this moment the support is planned ex ante.  

What is co-participation?

The minimum co-participation share is 5 %.

When are the Application Deadlines?

1st round: 31 July 2022 (including)

2nd round: 18 September 2022 (including)

3rd round: 30 October 2022 (including)

The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic reserves the right to cancel specific rounds, especially in the event of a lack of finances. 

You can find more information on the webpages of the Ministry of the Interior.