Czech Language Courses

Current Course Registration: 

Course: Registration from: Lessons from:
Czech language open course – 8. Phraseology and spoken Czech 15 November 2022 22 November 2022
Czech language open course – 9. Saint Nicholas, Advent and Christmas 22 November 2022 29 November 2022
Czech language open course – 10. Fairy tales 29 November 2022 6 December 2022
Czech language open course – 11. Fashion 6 December 2022 13 December 2022
Czech language open course – 12. Music 13 December 2022 20 December 2022
Czech course for teenagers (Non-slavic) 4 November 2022 22 November 2022

Course Information:

In our courses you will not only learn to read and write in Czech, but you will also find out something about Czech traditions, culture, history, and the Czech Republic.  

You will learn from textbooks, workbooks but also through our approved and fun methods. The courses are led by qualified and experienced teachers.

All Czech language courses are free for you. 

How should I choose a course?

Course levels are based on CEFR. If you do not know what your level of Czech is, we can help you with that. We set dates for placement tests on a regular basis. 

If you have any questions regarding your language level, you can contact our methodologists:  

What are our guidelines to attending courses? 

  1. You can register only to one grammar course; it is not possible to attend multiple courses simultaneously (the only exception is e-learning) 
  2. Apologize or notify us about missing lessons (via e-mail to the teacher and coordinator)
  3. Minimum attendance 75 %
  4. Repeating the course – only 1x course of the same level (if the attendance is sufficient) 
  5. Come to lessons on time 
  6. Pass the final test (minimum 70%) 

If the requirements of the course are not met, you can be taken out of the course and replaced by someone else. If you do not fulfill the minimum attendance, you will be automatically placed after other people during the next registration in the following course of the same level. 

What will I achieve after the course?

After a successful course attendance (= minimum attendance 75% and final test minimum 70%) you will obtain a certificate and you can sign up for a following course. 

The Centre for Foreigners JMK certificate is not a state-recognized document for obtaining a residence permit. 

Do you want to sign up for a course? 

Look at the Calendar, if we do not have prepared registration for some course.

If there is no open registration, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, so you do not miss any course. 


If you have any questions, message us via e-mail:


Part of the services of our centre will move to a new address during December.

The Centre for Foreigners JMK will be closed for visits from 15.12 until 19.12. If you will need to contact our infocentre during these days, you can write to or call +420 734 510 213.

The Adaptation-integration courses of 16.12 will take place without change at our former address.

If your Czech language course would change addresses, you will get information from your teacher.

Legal and social consultations will not be available from 15.12.2022 until 16.1.2023 in the offices at Mezírka 1, but in offices of our partners OPU and Diecézní Charita Brno. We will inform you of the place of consultation when you reserve a meeting.

Our infocentre will be at the new address Kounicova 13 from 20.12. It will only take you 3 additional minutes to get there.