Czech language courses

Our Czech language courses are the most searched service in our Centre. Try to enrol in them at the level of your language knowledge and discover why it is like that!

How do we teach?

Since beginning of our operation are our courses under the leadership of experienced methodologists and lectors. They create a group communicating with each other. Our lecturers have rich experiences with the conduct of language courses and they are open to new challenges. Besides the language courses in our Centre, most of them has also their own projects including interest in other nationalities, cultures, languages and Countries.

  • You will learn not just about grammar of the Czech language, but also about Czech traditons, history and environment, in our courses.
  • You will learn from textbooks, workbooks, but also through our proven and entertaining methods.
  • We teach Czech even without an intermediate language (you don’t have to know English).
  • We are operating on the principle of cooperation, friendly climate and willingness to communicate. So you can always contact us with an idea of how to improve teaching.

All foreigners can study with us without distinction. Everyone will find their place here!

What do we offer?




·        Grammar courses

50/75 hours

Since September 2022

·        Conversation course focused on society and culture

51 hours

·        Open courses

36 hours

Lesson 16.3. 

·        E-learning writing courses

48 hours

·        DRILL




·        Czech language course for school-age children

32/64 hours

·        Summer intensive courses for children

42 hours

·        Summer intensive courses for high school students 

50 hours



OTHER courses of the Czech language



·        Courses for parents with children

25 hours

·        Summer adventure courses 

44 hours

·        Model citizenship exams

5 hours

·        Model exam for permanent residency

5 hours


Which course should I choose?

The answer to this question depends on your knowledge of the Czech language. Our levels are set based on CERF. We can also help you with this estimate.  We regularly list deadlines for finding out your language level. In these terms (proklik nebo vypsané termíny) you can contact our methodologist:

Why should I know my level of Czech language knowledge? 

To choose the best course for you where other students will be on the same language level as you are. The knowledge of your language level will enable you to enter the course where you will feel in Czech „right at home“.

What is the price of the course?

Each course is financed by the EU from the national Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), from the budget of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, and the budget of the South Moravian Region.

It means all courses are available for free here!

  • We demand just registration into the course on time, fill in the registration form (personal in the Centre or due to our website)  and compliance with the rules of participation in courses.

What rules do we have? 

  1. 1 semester = 1 grammar course (also, an e-learning writing course is allowed).
  2. Excuse the absence (e-mail to lecturer and the coordinator of the course)
  3. Min. attendance 75 %.
  4. Repetition of the course – only 1x course of the same level (if sufficient attendance).
  5. Be on time for the lessons.
  • In the case of non-fulfilment of conditions, you can be replaced by other takers/students. If you do not fulfil mandatory attendance, you will be automatically ranked as an alternate during the next registration.

What is the reward for passing the course? 

  • Certificate* about the successful completion of the course (= attendance of at least 75% + passing the test for at least 70%)
  • Knowledge of your language level + possibility to log in to our next continuing course.
  • You will know the Czech language!

* The Certificate of the Centre for foreigners is not a state-recognized document for granting a residence permit. 



Are you interested in our offer?

Take a look at our calendar to see if we have listed some current courses there.

If you have further questions, you can contact us by e-mail: or come and visit us in person at the Center for Foreigners at Mezírka 1, 4th floor.

Glad to see you here!