I am a foreigner

We are here since the first day of your arrival!

You will find here our offer of counseling, courses in the Czech language, adaptation and integration courses, professional lectures and seminars, but also some links to self-learning and useful links to news, through which we are trying to make your life here easier.

We want you to feel in the South Moravian region like in your second home. That is why we organize different multicultural activities and events in which we will like to see you!  To carry out your events, we offer a free community room. You will also find a library and WiFi here to shorten spare moment.

All our services are FOR FREE for you.

  • You are not paying for our services. They are financed from the EU project, the South Moravian Region and the Czech republic budget.

A more comprehensive description of our services you can find in the SERVICES section. 

We are open to all of your questions, new ideas, and challenges. That is why we will be pleased if you will contact us anytime at cizincijmk@jmk.cz, or in our opening hours on the phone: +420 541 658 333.

You can also contact us on our Facebook or Instagram

If you prefer personal contact more, come to visit us at address Mezírka 1 (4th floor), or you can arrange a meeting with a specific worker via the topic of your ask. Find the person who can help you here: Contacts