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Technical Writing Workshop

8.1.2020 17:00-19:00, Mezírka 1, 6th floor, community room

Join to learn how to structure a research-based essay in English, including information on how to write a thesis statement and an introduction paragraph. Grow your confidence in writing English essays for academic and/or professional purposes!

This is the first series of Caitlin´s technical writing workshops and the subject of this series will be based off literature (specifically, the short story, the Paper Menagerie).

This series is for individuals who have a minimum of B2 in English.

You will need your own notebook and join the Google Classroom, which will serve as Caitlin´s place to see your essay progress and to share with you the short story the workshop will be based on.

Please join using this code in the Google Classroom app: rvnuiq4

Show your interest here:

Caitlin is  looking forward to seeing you!