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Summer suburban camp for school children of age 6-10 y.

The Mysterious Key 

Centre for foreigners brings you the summer camp for children of age 6 to 10 years (all children should be able to write). Register your children today. Courses are aimed for children – foreigners from countries out of EU. They are funded from EU, MVČR and JMK.

Communication languages: czech, english

Date: 7th–10th July 2020

Time: 8.30–16.00 (arrival from 7.30, picking until 16.30)

Place: Kamenná 20, Brno and surroundings

Camp leader: Ludmila Chmelíková, Hana Nedbálková

Registration is possible below on this site from 5th June. If problems with registration, write us on or +420 541 658 830.

Contact for information about camp itself:,  +420 602 684 393.


“What’s over there?”

“A key!”

“Wow, it must be old – and look how big and heavy it is.”

“Maybe it’s guarding some secret…”


  • Pavel Čech (About Key)


A mysterious key appeared on the table. It seems that nobody needs it, nobody misses it, nobody looks for it. I wonder,  what lock does it belong to? Together with childrens we’re going to solve this mystery.

What’s waiting for us? 

  • exploring and discovering wonders of the nature, 
  • making things from natural materials,
  • healthy exercise in the nature, 
  • encryption and treasure hunting,
  • basically, one big mystery! 

Registration is open from 4. 6. 2020 0:00


Fill out the form in Latin letters.