Online Open czech course – 1. Food, drinks and cooking

Dear clients,

We would like to invite you to the first lesson of the OPEN CZECH COURSE with the topic Food, drinks and cooking

You will learn how to order in a restaurant and how to solve complex situations that may arise in a restaurant. You will repeat the vocabulary related to the topic. How to prepare Czech traditional food.

The course is open to anyone who has a level A2 or B1 or higher. Participants will be divided into two groups, based on their language level.

The lesson takes place on MONDAY 8th February 2021 from 14:30 till 16:00

Due to the limited capacity of the classroom, it is necessary to register for each lesson. We will connect via the ZOOM application. You will need an internet connection, laptop / pc / mobile phone, camera and microphone. We will send you a link to the class and materials half an hour before the start.

Registration for this lecture will take place 1st February at 18:00 on this page.

Next lectures:

15/2 Fashion and clothing: What are the dressing styles? What do you like to wear and where? What do you like to buy and how do you like to buy? Which two pieces of clothing you would never combine?

22/2 Shopping, services: In what ways it is possible to shop nowadays? What is your favourite way of shopping? What services do you most often use? What are your favourite stores? Do you care about environmental protection when shopping?

1/3 Housing, household:  How to find an apartment or house rental? How to furnish an apartment? And what does an “hour husband” do? Is it better to have your house tidy, or do you like chaos?

8/3 Culture, fairy tales: Fairy tales are not just for children, so together we set out into the world of fantasy.

15/3 Travelling and vacation: Where to can go on a trip around Brno? What is your favourite way of travelling? Which place from your country would you recommend us to visit as a tourist?

22/3 Sport, games: Do you play sports or are you more of a sports fan? And is chess a sport? Do you know any famous Czech athletes? Let´s go play online together.

29/3 Holidays, customs, traditions: What is a lamb? Why do we make braided easter whip? How are eggs decorated? How is Easter celebrated in the Czech Republic?

5/4 Easter Monday (course is not running)

12/4 At the doctor and illness: How to do an appointment with the doctor? How to tell the doctor what hurts me? How to call for help?

19/4 We speak differently, phraseology: When to use colloquial Czech? Shall we have “kávu” or “kafe”? What do we mean when we say “mám v tom guláš”? The most used Czech proverbs and sayings.

26/4 Leisure time and interests: How do we spend our free time? Do you like to cook, to crochet or to read books?

3/5 Brno –⁠ my city: A walk around the city with Czech lecturers and a good coffee in Petrov or, for example,  “na Čáře”.


Registration starts on 1. 2. 2021 18:00

Please pick the level according to your knowledge.