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Czech language courses for parents with children

Is taking care of your child preventing you from signing up for a course? Take them with you! 

On April 3, 2023 we are starting new Czech language courses for parents with children. The content of the course is aimed at parents with Czech on A1 level and its syllabus wil be the first 12 lessons from the Krok za Krokem textbook (you can find the lessons here). You can register from 15. To 22. March lower on this page.  

  • The courses are for all foreigners with an over 90 day stay permit, who live in the South Moravian region.  
  • These courses are for Non-EU citizens with a Slavic mother tongue (e.g. Ukrainina, Russian, Serbian, Macedonian).  
    • Clients with Czech citizenship cannot register for the courses 

    Duration of the course: 13 weeks (26 lessons) 

    Frequency of lessons: Monday + Thursday 10:00-11:30

    Course Aims: vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, speaking, writing.  


    • Scroll lower on this page, 
    • Choose an appropriate course from the offer, 
    • Fill out the registration form, 
    • Before sending, fill out the “I am not a robot” panel“, 
    • Click the “Send” button“, 
    • Wait for the confirmation e-mail, we will send it within 14 days. 

      We want to give a chance to everyone, which is why the fair lottery system is still in place. Please wait for an e-mail after your electronic registration (lower on this page). In this e-mail you will find out whether you have been selected. 

      Projekt „Provoz centra pro cizince JMK 2022-2023“, reg. č. AMIF/31/02, je financován Evropskou unií v rámci národního programu Azylového, migračního a integračního fondu a rozpočtu Ministerstva vnitra České republiky.

      Registration is open from 15. 3. 2023 0:00 until 22. 3. 2023 23:59


      Fill out the form in Latin letters.

      Please pick the level accoarding to your knowledge.