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CZECH LANGUAGE OPEN CLASS: Illnesses, Injuries, at the Doctor

Dear Clients,

We would like to invite you to another lesson of the CZECH LANGUAGE OPEN CLASS with the topic Illnesses, Injuries, at the Doctor: How to set an appointment at the doctor? How to tell the doctor what is hurting me? How to call for help?

The class is open to all interested who are at the A2, B1 level or higher.

The class will take place in two separate groups:

      A2 level with lector Patrik: the first lesson will be on WEDNESDAY 24.11. from 15.00-16.30

      B1 and higher level with lector Petra: the first lesson will be on WEDNESDAY 24.11. from 9.00-10.30

We will connect through the ZOOM application. You will need an internet connection, a notebook/pc/cellphone, a camera and a microphone. We will send you the link for connecting to the lesson and materials no later than 30 minutes before the beginning.

Registration for the lesson will be available lower on this page from 18.11. at 18:00.

Other open classes:

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8/12 Leisure Time: How do we spend our free time? Do you like to cook, crochet, or read books?

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Follow our webpage and Facebook, where more lessons with the registration form will be posted.

Registration is open from 18. 11. 2021 18:00


Fill out the form in Latin letters.

Vyberte prosím v seznamu některou položku. Úroveň lze rozbalit až při spuštění registrace.