Easter holiday – Centre is closed on 2nd a 5th April 2021

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Please note that our Center will be closed on 2nd and 5th April 2021 due to public holidays.

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Easter in the Czech Republic

Easter is one of the most important Czech holidays. The form of Easter celebrations in the Czech Republic is based on Christian, pagan and regional traditions.

The Easter term changes every year. It takes place always after the first spring full moon. The 40-day fast also ends during this period. Easter is associated with many church ceremonies and lots of good food.

Easter week starts on Wednesday and ends on Monday.

Škaredá středa (“Ugly Wednesday”) – This day commemorates how Judas betrayed Jesus. It got its name from the fact that chimneys were swept away that day. According to superstition, people should not frown on this day.

Zelený čtvrtek (“Green Thursday”) – On this day, Christians commemorate the last supper of Jesus Christ with the twelve apostles. All the bells are silent, “flying to Rome”, and they ring on White Saturday again. It used to be a tradition to eat mainly green dishes from peas, spinach and cabbage on this day. This should guarantee good health all year.

Velký pátek (“Great Friday”) – On this day, we commemorate the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. In folk superstitions, this day is associated with magical powers. On this day, the mountains open and show their treasures. It is not allowed to move the ground or wash clothes, because it would be soaked in the blood of Christ.

Bílá sobota (“White Saturday”) – Commemorates the day Jesus lay in the grave. There are no church ceremonies. Lent ends on White Saturday. It was cleaning day. People baked “mazance” and “beránky” – sweet dishes. The “pomlázky” were braided and the Easter eggs were decorated.

Velikonoční neděle (“Easter Sunday”) – Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ. People used to donate part of the food to the field, the garden and the well to provide crops, water and plenty of fruit.

Velikonoční pondělí (“Easter Monday”) – In the Czech Republic, this day is more associated with pagan traditions. The boys walk in the morning with a “Pomlázka” (willow twigs) and whip the girls over their buttocks. This custom is accompanied by the recitation of the short poem. According to superstition, spring freshness is passed on to girls in this way. The boys will receive painted eggs as a reward.

Pay Attention! It is also closed on Easter Mondays in all shops with a sales area of more than 200 m2.