Přehled změn provedených novelou zákona o pobytu cizinců s účinností od 31.7.2019

Přehled změn provedených novelou zákona o pobytu cizinců s účinností od 31.7.2019 (zákonem č. 176/2019 Sb., kterým se mění zákon č. 326/1999 Sb., o pobytu cizinců na území České republiky a o změně některých zákonů, ve...

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Largo Desolato (BEST divadlo)

19. 11. 2019 | event | EU, Non EU | BEST divadlo | No registration needed

Dear clients,  The Best divadlo is a pleasure to invite you to the second show of the 2019/2020 season. They are excited to announce that to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution they will be playing Largo...

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Better Self, Better World conference

30. 11. 2019 | event | EU, Non EU | Other | Registration needed

Dear clients,  we would like to inform you about the conference Better Self, Better World, which is organised by Speakers include, for example, Petr Ludwig - author of the worldwide bestseller "Konec Prokrastinace"...

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Substitute term for writing final tests

4. 12. 2019 | event | EU | South Moravian Region | No registration needed

Dear clients, we have prepared an alternative date for writing the final tests. If you know that you cannot participate in the final test regularly in your course, come on 4th December at 16:30 to the Center for Foreigners...

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6. 12. 2019 | event, Socio-courses | EU | South Moravian Region | Registration needed

Dear clients,  We are pleased to invite you to the first Adaptation-integration course for EU citizens in our Centre.  Our legal consultant Mgr. Marina Melkonjan prepared for you the lecture, where you will get the most...

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Are you a citizen of the European Union? Would you like to learn Czech? Are you dealing with residency requirements, authorities, housing issues, insurance, social benefits, schools, etc.? 

We can help you.

Our goal is to make the Czech Republic a pleasant and friendly place for you to live in and establish a new home. We offer Czech language courses free of charge. The courses are provided in two forms: traditional on-site courses and intensive grammar courses. We also offer consultation in social, official, financial and other matters also free of charge.

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