Centre in the media

Who sometimes doesn´t appear in the media as if he were not!

We provided some interviews  on TV or in magazines. Regularly we are a part of round tables and platforms with a foreign theme. You can find some mentions of us in some articles, videos, talks, or links in printed or online resources.

We try to create some videos about our functioning or interests too. That’s why you can watch our spots and see our campaigns on social networks, our website www.cizincijmk.cz or in the streets.  

In the interest of interview with us contact our head Lenka Herčíková on hercikova.lenka@jmk.cz.

Find out how we look in media:

KAM v Brně: Geraldine Schneider: The voice that will make Moravia dance

"Geraldine Schneider is a jazz singer from Switzerland. Her story is part of the campaign Our Compatriots, created by the South Moravian region...


KAM v Brně: The Skill Cenre: journey to a better job

"Volodymyr was born in Ukraine, but he finished university in the Czech Republic. He currently earns a living through manual labor, but he has...


KAM v Brně: A Year after the Outbreak of the War in Ukraine

"More than a year has passed since the outbreak of the military conflict in Ukraine. From day one, the staff of the JMK Centre for Foreigners...


KAM v Brně: Czech Courses for Seniors: You Can Learn a Language at Any Age

"Entire families came to us in the refugee waves, including Ukrainians in retirement age. FOr, seniors, it is oftentimes a great challenge to...


KAM v Brně: Alena Krajčí: Diversity Creates New Opportunities

"We talked with Alena Krejčí, the director of the South Moravian Centre for Foreigners, about the changes, dreams, and about how the Czechs'...


KAM v Brně: New Campaing Shares Stories of Foreigners in Brno

The new campaign of the Centre for Foreigners titled Our Compatriots shares stories of foreigners who have decided to leave their homes and move...


KAM v Brně: A Place that Reminds Me of My Homeland

"It's an adventure to move to a different country. But it's a downright challenge to find your home within in a foreign land. Not everyone can...


KAM v Brně: Skill Centre Helps Foreigners on Their Journey to Better Jobs

"Maryna lived a relatively calm life in a smaller Ukrainian town where she worked as a nurse at the local hospital. Her life was suddenly turned...