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Let´s meet through the little stones

Which tools should be used in the process of painting?

  • Acrylic markers or colours are ideal. It is necessary to varnish the painting on the stone in two layers so that the picture can withstand outdoor conditions. If you want to you can come to the Centre for foreigners JMK and paint a stone here. We have prepared acrylic markers and varnish for you. Everything is available from January 20. Due to anti-epidemiological measures, it is necessary to call us before your visit on telephone number 541 658 333. We take care of your safety.

Where leave the stone?

  • When storing the stone, think about the safety of the finder and also about the fact that nature or cultural monuments cannot be damaged.   

What should not be painted on the stone?

  • Vulgar, violent, sexual, political, religious and illegal topics. Do not stick anything on the stones… sequins, glitter, eyelets, other ornaments, do not wrap the stones and do not put them in bags.


Every month, one successful “trip” of the stone will be rewarded. The successful trip of stone is meant:
1) Someone paints a picture on the stone. Add postal code, the logo of the Centre for foreigners JMK and #cizincijmk.
2) The creator place the stone on the visible place.
3) Someone finds the stone and is really happy.
4) Finder takes a photo of the stone from both sides.
5) Finder shares the photo on FB group with postal code, hashtag cizincijmk and the tip Where the creator comes from.(


FB post: 60200, #cizincijmk, Czech Republic

Every month we choose one winner (generated by computer). The creator and finder will receive a small gift from the Center for Foreigners. The names of the winners will be published on the fb profile Centrum pro cizince JMK first working day of the month.

The people who participate in the competition agree with the publication of their name on the webpage and FB groups of organizers. After publication, the winners have to contact the organizer (Centre for foreigners JMK) using a private FB message.

The promotion is not sponsored, endorsed or managed by or associated with Facebook in any way.

We hereby declare that FB has no obligations to competitors and winners.

Akce je hrazena z projektu “Spolu v našem kraji” (AMIF/22/04) je financován Evropskou unií v rámci Národního programu Azylového, migračního a integračního fondu a Ministerstva vnitra České republiky.