Czech Summer Courses for Children and Teenagers (non-EU citizens)

Dear clients,

We are opening summer courses for children in August.

Duration: 15. August – 30. August 2022

Timetable:  3 hours per day, MON-FRI, 12 days in total 

For Who: Slavics, Non-Slavics.

  • The courses will take place in the Centre for Foreigners JMK, at Mezírka 1, Brno
  • The capacity for each course is 12 children. It is required to register further down on this page. If you want to register more children, creating a separate registration for each child is necessary. 
  • Registration takes place from 5.6. at 18:00
  • 🇪🇺Information for EU Citizens: Unfortunately, due to changes in financing we cannot accept any EU citizens into these courses.

🇺🇦The courses are not intended for children from Ukraine who came because of the war and have toleration stay visas or temporary protection status. We have already opened a number of courses for these children and that is why we want to give other children a chance to register. Courses from other organisations are intended for children with these types of permits. You will find more information here.

🇺🇦Курси не призначені для дітей з України, які приїхали у зв’язку з війною та мають спеціальну візу чи тимчасовий захист. Для цих дітей ми вже відкрили кілька курсів у квітні, тому ми хочемо дати іншим дітям можливість записатися. Для дітей із цими видами перебування є курси в інших організаціях. Інформацію можна знайти тут.



Preschool age (5-7) – NON-SLAVICS: 9:00-11:30 (for children who are not attending school yet)

Preschool age (5-7) – SLAVICS: 9:00-11:30 (for children who are not attending school yet)

Young school age (6-10) – NON-SLAVICS: 9:00-11:30

Young school age (6-10) – SLAVICS: 9:00-11:30

Older school age (11-15) – NON-SLAVICS: 9:00-11:30

Older school age (11-15) – SLAVICS: 13:30-16:00

Teenagers  (15-18) – NON-SLAVICS: 12:00-14:30

Teenagers (15-18) – SLAVICS: 12:00-14:30


!IMPORTANT! There will be a meeting with parents and children before the start of the course. At the meeting you will find out information about the course and you will obtain a list of things that the children will need. The meetings will take place in the list below: 

Preschool age (5-7) – NON-SLAVICS: 1. August  8:00-8:45

Preschool age (5-7) – SLAVICS: 1. August  9:00-9:45

Young school age (6-10) – NON-SLAVICS: 1. August  10:00-10:45

Young school age (6-10) – SLAVICS: 1. August  12:00-12:45

Older school age (11-15) – NON-SLAVICS:  1. August  13:00-13:45

Older school age (11-15) – SLAVICS: 2. August  8:00-8:45

Teenagers (15-18) – NON-SLAVICS: 2. August  9:00-9:45

Teenagers (15-18) – SLAVICS: 2. August  10:00-10:45


Registration starts on 5. 6. 2022 18:00

Vyberte prosím v seznamu některou položku. Úroveň lze rozbalit až při spuštění registrace.