Czech Grammar Courses for Non-EU Citizens – Autumn 2022

Courses begin from 12.9. Registration begins on 28. 8. 2022 (18:00) until 31. 8. 2022 (18:00) below on this page. 

Dear clients, starting 12 September 2022 we will open new Czech grammar courses for you.  

  • Courses are for all citizens with an over 90-day residence living in the South Moravian region. 
  • These courses are only for Non-European Union citizens (if you are looking for courses for EU citizens, you can find them here)
  • Clients with Czech citizenship cannot sign up for these courses.
  • It is possible to enroll in ONLY ONE course.


Course levels:

  • NON-SLAVIC, A1.1 – B1.4 levels
  • SLAVIC, A1 – B1.4 levels
  • Explanation: Slavic (your native language is a Slavic language = Ukrainian, Russian, Serbian, Macedonian. Non-Slavic are all other languages apart from the aforementioned ones. 


Duration of 1 course: 3–4 months

Frequency of lessons: 2–3 times per week according to schedule 

Aim of the course: General language courses: vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, speaking, writing 


WARNING: You need to know your level before registering!!! 

During SIGNING INTO THE COURSE, 3 situations can occur: 

– I have already done a course in the Centre = I know my level + I have passed the final course exam with over 70% => you are going to continue (sign up) for a higher level. 


2. I AM A NEW CLIENT= I have never been to the Centre, I have never participated in a course, I KNOW A BIT OF CZECH

  • If you are a new client, you cannot sign up without a placement test. Placement test = written and oral part.
  • Take the placement test 
  • Complete the online written test until 30. July 2022. The number of places is limited, take the test as soon as possible.
  • Sign up here: or create an account in our e-learning system here:
  • You can find the placement test and other information here: under: „Placement test
  • We will contact you after you finish the test and a personal meeting and an interview in Czech will take place. 
  • For finding out your level it is necessary to take part in both the written test and a personal interview!!! You can choose if the interview will be face-to-face or online through Zoom.  
  • Due to organizational reasons, we cannot accept certificates from Czech language courses from other institutions.


Sign up to A1.1 (Non-Slavic), or A1 (Slavic)


Covid INFO:

  • The courses take place in person at the address Mezírka 1, Brno. If the situation gets worse, the courses will take place online. 
  • Courses marked as “online“ take place through ZOOM no matter the situation. 



  • Choose an appropriate course from the list.
  • Fill out the registration form (lower on this page). 
  • Before sending the form click the button “Nejsem robot“ (“I am not a robot”).
  • Click on the button „Odeslat“ (“Send”). 
  • Wait for the confirmation e-mail which we will send within 14 days. 

Course timetable:

Course Day of Lesson Time of lesson Beginning of course
(09) A1.1. Non-Slavic MON + WED 9:00-11:30 12. 9. 2022
(10) A1.1. Non-Slavic (morning) TUE + THU 7:30-9:00 13.9.2022
(11) A1.1. Non-Slavic TUE + THU 18:00-20:30 13. 9. 2022
(12) A1.1 Non-Slavic – online TUE + THU 17:00-19:30 13.9.2022
(13) A1.2 Non-Slavic TUE + THU 9:00-11:30 13.9.2022
(14) A1.2 Non-Slavic TUE + THU 18:00-20:30 13.9.2022
(15) A2.1 Non-Slavic MON + WED + THU 7:30-9:00 12. 9. 2022
(16) A2.2 Non-Slavic MON + WED 9:00-11:30 12. 9. 2022
(17) A2.3 Non-Slavic MON + WED 18:00-20:30 12. 9. 2022
(18) A1 Slavic– shifts TUE + THU 9:00-11:30/
MON + WED 18:00-20:30
12. 9. 2022
(19) A1 Slavic TUE + THU 15:00-17:30 13.9.2022
(20) A2.1 Slavic TUE + THU 9:00-11:30 13.9.2022
(21) A2.1 Slavic MON + WED 15:00-17:30 12. 9. 2022
(22) A2.2 Slavic TUE + THU 17:00-19:30 13.9.2022
(23) A2.2 Slavic– online TUE + THU 8:00 – 10:30 13.9.2022
(24) B1.1 mix MON + WED 15:00-17:30 12. 9. 2022
(25) B1.2 mix MON + WED 9:00-11:30 12. 9. 2022
(26) B1.3 mix MON + WED 7:30-9:00 12. 9. 2022
(27) B1.4 mix TUE + THU 9:00-11:30 13.9.2022


In case of inquiries you can contact our coordinator via e-mail:


Registration is open from 28. 8. 2022 18:00 until 31. 8. 2022 18:00

Fill out the form in Latin letters.

Please choose an adequate item from the list.

Date of birth


Part of the services of our centre will move to a new address during December.

The Centre for Foreigners JMK will be closed for visits from 15.12 until 19.12. If you will need to contact our infocentre during these days, you can write to or call +420 734 510 213.

The Adaptation-integration courses of 16.12 will take place without change at our former address.

If your Czech language course would change addresses, you will get information from your teacher.

Legal and social consultations will not be available from 15.12.2022 until 16.1.2023 in the offices at Mezírka 1, but in offices of our partners OPU and Diecézní Charita Brno. We will inform you of the place of consultation when you reserve a meeting.

Our infocentre will be at the new address Kounicova 13 from 20.12. It will only take you 3 additional minutes to get there.