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First aid for the soul – STRONG program

Just like our body, our soul sometimes needs first aid. 


Thanks to psychosocial support, an approach based on supporting the other person and maintaining their mental health and wellbeing, we can find ways to provide first aid not only for our body, but especially for our soul. 

One such way can be the involvement in the STRONG project. 

What is the STRONG project?

It is a program aimed at supporting young people from Ukraine with the goal of promoting the mental health of children and adolescents escaping war, and their successful integration into their peer communities, education system, and society. 

How do STRONG meetings work?

Psychosocial support is led by trained guides in the area of psychology who, in regular weekly group and individual meetings with the participants, will go through self-regulation (self-control) training and the analysis of their own thinking in favor of positive thinking.  

What is discussed at the meetings?

During the ten-hour sessions, participants work with their strengths and learn to build their own personality, self-esteem, and sense of belonging. They establish contacts with their peers and realize that they have someone with whom they can share their difficult experiences with

The objective of the STRONG program is:

  • to promote a healthy adjustment to the new school and country,
  • develop social support and connections,
  • increase the child’s psychological resistance to stress and other traumas,
  • develop problem-solving and goals-setting skills.


The Program leader:

Natalia Derun, psychologist, Gestalt therapist, certified STRONG trainer, member of the Czech Association of Therapists.


  • Age: The program is for the 14 – 18 age group
  • Language: Ukrainian
  • Capacity: 10 participants
  • Duration: 10 weeks, 1x per week
  • Time: every Saturday from 10:00 until 12:00
  • Beginning of the program: 7. 10. 2023 

Basic information

Date: 7. 10. 2023
Type of action: multikulturní aktivity

Kounicova 13, Brno

Registration is open from 27. 9. 2023 0:00 until 13. 10. 2023 0:00


Fill out the form in Latin letters.

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