Self-learning of Czech language

Useful links for czech language students

We prepared a list of the online sites, meterials and other medias for FREE czech language self-learning.


This site is designed as a starting point for people who want to learn more about the Czech language. The links contain English to Czech translations as well as other tools and info for studying the Czech language. You will find there links to Czech radio, Vocabulary lessons, Vocabulary games, Czech news, czech newspapers and dictionaries. This pages refers to another with czech courses.

Through your facebook profile you can registrate for free on this website. Your demo-account for 7 days will be activated after login. You can try some of online courses and connect with native speakers.You will find some phone apps here:

Innovative Language 101 for Android, iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire

WordPower Czech for iPhone, iPad, Mac & Android

Multilingual websites for Czech language studying. Websites will help you to gain basic information about Czech language, second moct used slavic language. You will find basic online courses, useful information and links connected with Czech language. Do not be caught if you find professional medical expressions here, this site is primarily intended for future medical students. However, it can be very useful for anyone who wants to improve their language skills.


On this page you will find Czech language video-courses. Courses focus on basic conversation used at school or at work. (without registration)

– useful materials à

E-learning course for foreigners (Russian, Chinese, English). The aim of the course is to help students who have started learning Czech. You will learn the basic vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and facts related to the Czech Republic.

Textbooks and other training materials

Adapted Czech texts (prose) for foreigners at different language levels (A2 – C1). Texts available for download.

A set of worksheets for foreigners. Suitable for anyone regardless of their language skills.

A  page with the complete palette of Czech textbooks for foreigners.

Materials for studying Czech (especially for Vietnamese-speaking students). The file contains 15 thematic lessons.


Private tutoring in Brno.

Improve your language skills with native speakers living or studying around you.

An online online community where tutoring can be offered.

Improve your language skills with the help of native speakers living in your neighborhood.


Video-course with native speaker (around 9 lessons).

Czech for children and beginners.

Czech in english for beginners.

Movies and serials in Czech with Czech or English subtitles

Fairy tales, cooking programs, sports broadcasts, news – all for free.

Movies from all over the world with Czech subtitles, absolutely free.

Audio-tapes in Czech language

Česky a hezky: The Czech Radio Portal devoted to Czech.

Dozens of literary classics (such as Babička from Božena Němcová, Malostranské povídky from Jan Neruda or Zbabělci from Škvorecký) can be downloaded freely on the Czech Radio website. The most famous poems, novels and short stories are different than you know from school benches: their heroes speak in the voice of leading Czech actors.

All recordings are in MP3 format, so you can simply download and enjoy in the subway or the tram.

Useful links for foreigners living in Brno (discussion forums, activities, meetings, events)