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Summer adventure czech course Brno Villas

The adventure Czech course Brno Villas will focus on some of the most important architectural monuments in Brno. In ten lessons we will focus on the stories of famous Brno villas such as Villa Tugendhat, Villa Löw-Beer, Villa Stiassni, villas in the Masaryk district, Jurkovič’s villa. Lessons will be focused on the realias and expansion of vocabulary in the topic. The course is suitable for A2 level graduates who are preparing for B1 and are interested in the architecture and history of Brno. Half of the lessons will be dedicated to activities such as reading, listening and vocabulary building, the other half will be dedicated to walks through the architecture and tours of the villas.

The course is intended for foreigners from countries outside the EU. Attendance at 8 lessons is required to complete the course. Participants will pay for travel expenses and entrances to the villas (Stiassni, Jurkovicova, Low-Beer, the garden of Villa Tugendhat). The lecturer and the rent are paid from the EU, MVČR and JMK.

Time schedule: 

Term: 16. 7. – 31. 7. 2020

Lessons will be four days a week, from Tuesday to Friday. The odd lesson will always be in the classroom at the Center for Foreigners (9:00-12:30), the even lesson will be in the field (meeting approx. 10:00 at the villa).

čtvrtek 16. 7. lesson in Centre (4h)

pátek 17. 7. lesson outside (6h) villa Stiassni

úterý 21. 7. lesson in Centre (4h)

středa 22. 7. lesson outside (6h) Masarykova čtvrť

čtvrtek 23. 7. lesson in Centre (4h)

pátek 24. 7. lesson outside (6h) Jurkovičova vila

úterý 28. 7. lesson in Centre (4h)

středa 29. 7. lesson outside (6h) villa Löw-Beer

čtvrtek 30. 7. lesson in Centre (4h)

pátek 31. 7. lesson outside (6h) villa Tugendhat and caffe Era 

Registration is open from 21. 6. 2020 20:00


Fill out the form in Latin letters.