coordinator: Tereza Švandová

coordinator: Oksana Turinková



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Tour of the Janáček Theatre

Come with us on a tour of the Janáček Theatre, the seat of opera and ballet, one of the three national theatres in Brno.

On the tour you will not only learn about the history and the development of the building of the theatre, but also a number of interesting facts. You will also get into places that are usually not accessible, e.g., the backstage and the technical areas of the theatre.

The tour is in Czech and will be interpreted into English.
The registration for this event is binding. If you register and cannot come, please let us know before the event (at least 2 working days before). The registration is only for one person.

The meeting is 15 minutes before the beginning of the tour, at 9:45 at the statue of Leoš Janáček in front of the main entrance of the theatre.


Tour of the Janáček Theatre
when: 20.11.2023
meeting: 9:45 o’clock, Rooseveltova street number 7
length of the tour: 10:00 – 12:00
binding registration

Projekt „Provoz Centra pro cizince Jihomoravského kraje 2023-2025“, reg. č. CZ.12.01.02/00/23_008/0000010.

Basic information

Date: 20. 11. 2023

Rooseveltova 31/7, Brno

Registration is open from 6. 11. 2023 14:00


Fill out the form in Latin letters.