coordinator: Aneta Augustinová

coordinator: Agnieszka Landowska Šperka


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Online courses for parents with children


Do you have children and cannot attend our in-person courses because it is too far or because of other circumstances? We come to you with an offer of online Czech courses that you can attend from the comfort of your home!

It doesn’t matter if you are from Břeclav, Boskovice, Veselí nad Moravou, or maybe even from Hodonín, nor whether you came to the Czech Republic from an EU or Non-EU country or whether you belong to a Slavic or Non-Slavic language group. You only need internet connection and a bit of luck in the lottery.

In total, we will open 7 courses for parents with children.

The level of the course will be set based on the created groups. This is why it’s important that applicants take part in a two-round placement test.

The courses will have these timetables:

Tue + Thu 9:30-10:15
Tue + Thu 10:30-11:15
Fri 9:30-11:15
Mon + Wed 9:00-10:00
Tue + Thu 9:00-10:00
Tue + Thu 10:15-11:00
Tue + Thu 11:00-11:45

What to do?

  1. How to register for the course:

    1. If haven’t done so, create an account in our Moodle system. If you have an account, go to point 2.
    2. Sign up for the written test.
      2.a  Are you a complete beginner? 
           Tick YES I am a beginner (ANO jsem začátečník) and don’t fill out anything else.
      2.b  Do you know some Czech already? 
             Fill out the written test.
    3. Wait for one of our methodologists to contact you and agree on an online interview.
    4. There you will find out which course you will attend.


Online courses for parents with children

Group: EU and non-EU
where: online, Zoom or Google Meet and other
Who: Slavics and Non-Slavics
Frequency: 2x per week according to schedule
Length: 9 months
Number of people in the course: 3-6
Interviews: October 2023
Beginning of courses: 6. 11. 2023

Basic information

Date: 6. 11. 2023
Type of action: czech courses