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Easter goodies

Come along to prepare some traditional Czech Easter meals!

15th of April at Lipka – facility Kamenná (Kamenná 20, Brno) from 3:30 pm till 6:30 pm.

Eggs, scone, lamb and stuffings are just like whip for Easter. But there is much more traditional Easter dishes in Czech republic.

Preparations for Easter begins right after the 40-day Lent, which ends this year with the so-called Ash Wednesday, April 17th. After it comes a Maundy Thursday (in czech “zelený”=green), Good Friday (in czech “velký”=big), Holy Saturday (in czech “bílá”=white) and Easter Sunday, and then the most-anticipated Easter Monday. For all these days, people have had well-defined meals in the past.

Are you interested in more about Easter dishes? Take a look at this website, from which is also the passage above:

And there are some recepies in english:

Registration is open from 15. 4. 2019 15:30


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