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Christmas Baking and Crafting

We would like to invite you to a multicultural activity Christmas Baking and Crafting . Here, you will learn how to bake Christmas cookies and make Christmas angels and other ornaments. You will also look into Czech Christmas traditions and customs. This activity is for adults and children of all nationalities. This activity is organized by the Centre for foreigners in collaboration with Lipka organization.  

When? 5. 12., from 16:00  

Where? LIPKA, Kamenná 20, Brno  639 00 

This event is for 20 people, which is why you must register lower on this page.  

If you want to come with your children, please register for you and for your child separately. 

The registration starts from 20.11 at 18:00.  

Projekt „Provoz centra pro cizince JMK 2022-2023“, reg. č. AMIF/31/02, je financován Evropskou unií v rámci národního programu Azylového, migračního a integračního fondu a rozpočtu Ministerstva vnitra České republiky.  

Registration is open from 20. 11. 2022 18:00


Fill out the form in Latin letters.