We offer assistance with life situation free of charge: 

  • personally at the office (Mezírka 1, Brno-střed)
  • online

Order yourself by:

  • phone
  • email

In which areas do we provide consultation?

1) Individual consultation – assistance with life situations:

Consultation in the field of translation and document authentication – help with document authentication such as driving licenses, certificates of course completion, etc.) that you need to have verified and translated.

Assistance with finding a translator and a notary. References to other assistance within local government and non-profit organizations.

Consultation when dealing with authorities – help when dealing with authorities, assistance with filling out applications, forms, etc.

Consultation in the field of housing – consultation on how to obtain housing, help with changing the place of residence, getting familiar with your rights and obligations under applicable regulations regarding lease and sublease, mortgages or loans.

Consultation in the field of social security benefits – help with applying for social security benefits, material need, pension insurance and health insurance allowances.

Consultation in the field of education – assistance with enrolling in primary school and secondary schools and universities, assistance with the search for crèches and nursery schools.

Consultation in the field of recognizing education.

Consultation in the field of access to health care – consultation regarding the overall health care system in the Czech Republic, becoming familiar with types of health insurance, the system of regulatory charges and surcharges for medications and treatments, etc. It is also possible to provide social consultation on registration with doctors.

Consultation for job seekers – you can take advantage of assisted job searching – whether with the help of the Internet or search in daily press; assistance with writing a motivation letter, CV; practising contact with employers; assistance with job interviews and contact with the employer; consultations when selecting a suitable retraining course.

Consultation in the field of entrepreneurship – legislative differences when choosing the legal entity type (self-employed/OSVČ, o.p.s., s.r.o., a.s.), statutory rights and obligations of legal entities.

Consultation in the field of financial literacy – instalment calendars, payment orders, execution, tax returns, employee deductions, deductions for self-employed persons, etc.

Consultation in difficult life situations – divorce, marriage, the birth of a child, death, repatriation, traffic accident, settlement in the event of an accident or traffic accidents, etc.

2) Personal and field assistance:

This is a field form of consultation – personal assistance within the city of Brno. Assistance may be provided in the following areas:
    • Personal assistance when searching for housing (when viewing flats, signing lease contracts, etc.)
    • Accompaniment to offices and when dealing with government institutions (the Labour Office, SSP and HN contact points – explanation of rights and obligations, assistance with filling out forms and payment slips at the post office; assistance in banks – when opening a bank account; the Tax Office, Trade Office, etc.)
    • Accompaniment when dealing with schools – enrolment, and assistance when dealing with primary, secondary and tertiary education facilities