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Self-defense basics

For the first time we are opening a course, where during 10 lessons you will get to know the basics of self-defense, combat, and behavior in extreme situations. At the same time, you will increase the functionality of your body and improve your emotional state.

The course will be led by Vadim Žarov, a seasoned trainer with 10 years of experience, who received his master’s degree with honors at the Sports Academy, and received a number of sports titles and awards. Vadim speaks Czech, Ukrainian, and he can speak basic English. In the Czech Republic he teaches boxing and kickboxing classes in the Zlín region and the self-defense and classical boxing classes in Brno.

We will open this course for two groups:

  1. Youth (14+): Tuesday 17:00 – 18:00
  2. Women: Tuesday 18:00 – 19:00

Basic information

Date: 23. 1. 2024

Kounicova 13, Brno, Classroom U 0.1

Registration is open from 11. 1. 2024 0:00 until 20. 2. 2024 0:00


Fill out the form in Latin letters.

Please pick the level accoarding to your knowledge.

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