Open czech course – Summer 2020 – 9. Art, literature and culture

Dear clients,

We would like to invite you to the first lesson of the OPEN CZECH COURSE with the topic “Art, literature and culture”.

We will talk about art, movies, books. What kind of Czech writers do you know? And what kind of Czech films or fairy tales do you like?

The course is open to anyone who is on level A2 or B1 or higher.

The lesson takes place on Wednesday on SEPTEMBER 2 from 10:00 to 12:30.

Registration for lecture will take place 26th of August at 20:00 on this page.

Next lectures:

8/9 (Tuesday, 10:00-12:30) Board games: We will talk about board games and play some.


Registration starts on 26. 8. 2020 20:00

Vyberte prosím v seznamu některou položku. Úroveň lze rozbalit až při spuštění registrace.