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OPEN CZECH LANGUAGE COURSE – 2.3. Food and drinks

Dear Clients,

We would like to invite you to our OPEN CZECH LANGUAGE COURSE on the topic Food and drinks which takes place on 2.3.

Food and drinks – What is the typical Czech dish and what is a traditional meal in your country? What do you like to cook? What do you find tasty and what not?  


    • The course is open to all who are interested and are at least A1 level (thus, the course is not for beginners) 
    • The course takes place in a smaller group through conversations and group activities on the given topic. 
    • The course will take place every Wednesday at the Centre for Foreigners, Mezírka 1 from 8:30-11:00 in room 4.2 (4th floor)
    • Teachers: Petra and Eva
    • Registration for the lessons can be found below on this page.
    • It is necessary to register for each open lesson separately. 

Registration for the lesson will be available lower on this page from 25.2. at 8:00.


Other open lessons: 

9.3. Shopping – Where do you like to shop? Do you prefer e-shops or offline shops? What are the tricks of merchants?  

16.3. Fashion – What kind of clothing do you wear? Is it true that ‘clothes make the man’? What combinations and colors do you prefer? 

23.3. Housing – Is it better to live in the city or in a village? In a house or in an apartment? What furniture and household style do you like? 

30.3. Household and Cleaning – Do you use traditional cleaning supplies or ecological supplies? Is it better to use a mop or a rag? Do you like to clean, or is it stressful for you?  

6.4. Culture and Fairytales – Come with us into a fantasy world. Fairytales aren’t just for children. : -)

13.4. Easter Holidays – What is a traditional Czech Easter like? 

20.4. Travelling– What ways of traveling do you like? Where to go nearby Brno? 

27.4. Accommodations on a Vacation – Do you prefer a tent or a hotel? Full board, half board or do you cook for yourself? What types of accommodations are there?  

4.5. Sport and Games – Do you like sport? Individual or collective? And what about board games?  

11.5. At the Doctor – How to set up an appointment at the doctor and how to tell him what’s wrong? What do you think about alternative medicine? 

18.5. Ecology and the Environment – Do you sort waste? What is your opinion on bioproducts? 


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Registration is open from 25. 2. 2022 8:00


Fill out the form in Latin letters.

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