Czech language courses for parents with children

Dear clients,

We are reopening Czech classes for parents with children. The courses are intended for parents who have small children (0 – 5 years old) and cannot study Czech without their presence.

Term: July – December 2021

Format: July-August ONLINE ZOOM, from September, depends on the epidemiological situation.


Non-Slavics – beginners: Tue+Thu 9:30-10:30, start: 8 July 2021

Non-Slavics – Intermediate: Tue+Thu 10:30-11:30, start: 8 July 2021

Slavics – intermediate (approx. A1): Mon+Sat 9:30-10:30, start: 7 July 2021

Slavics – advanced (approx. A2): Mon+Sat 10:30-11:30, start: 7 July 2021

You can register now, after registration we will contact you back.


Registration is open from 15. 6. 2021 0:00

Fill out the form in Latin letters.

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