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coordinator: Julie Onufer

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Czech Language Courses for Non-EU Citizens – VACANT PLACES



  • A1.2 Non-Slavics MON+WED / 15:00–17:30
  • A1.2 Non-Slavics MON+WED+THU / 7:30–9:00


Starting February 12th, 2024, we will open more Czech language courses for adults. You can register from the 15th until the 21st of January lower on this page.  

  • These courses are for non-EU citizens (we also have courses for EU citizens). 
  • Courses are intended for all foreigners who reside in the South Moravian region for more than 90 days. 
  • Clients with Czech citizenship cannot register for the courses. 
  • It is possible to sign up for only one course.  

      Course Levels:   

      • SLAVICS, A1 – A2.2 levels (your native language is Slavic – Ukrainian, Russian, Serbian, Macedonian, Croatian, …) 
      • NON-SLAVICS, A1.1 – A2.3 levels (all other languages)  
      • MIX, B1.1 – B1.4 levels (All languages) 

      Course duration: 25 lessons / 37 lessons

      Frequency of lessons2×–3× per week according to schedule 

      WARNING: Before you register, you must know your level!  

      How to sign up for a course: 

      • I am already a client of the Centre – if you have already attended a course with us and you passed the final test with at least 70%, sign up for the course one level above you.  
      • You are a new client and you have not attended any course at the Centre for Foreigners, but you can speak a bit of Czech – you must take a written and oral placement test. Both parts are mandatory.  
        • You can take the written part online from 12. until 31. 12. 2023The number of spaces is limited, please register in time. If you already have an account, you can find the test here. If you do not have an account, please create it first here. 
        • After the test we will contact you (after the New Year) and invite you to the oral part of the exam. We can either meet in person at the Centre for Foreigners or online through Zoom.  
        • Due to organizational reasons we do not accept certificates from Czech language courses from other institutions. 
        • I am a new client and I do not know Czech at all – you do not have to take the test. Sign up for the A1.1 (Non-Slavics) or A1 (Slavics).  


        • Scroll lower on this page, 
        • Choose an appropriate course from the offer, 
        • Fill out the registration form, 
        • Before sending, fill out the “I am not a robot” panel“, 
        • Click the “Send” button“, 
        • Wait for the confirmation e-mail, we will send it within 14 days. 

          We want to give a chance to everyone, which is why the fair lottery system is still in place. Please wait for an e-mail after your electronic registration (lower on this page). In this e-mail you will find out whether you have been selected. 

          A1.1 Non-Slavics TUE+THU / 18:00–20:30
          A1.1 Non-Slavics TUE+THU / 9:00–11:30
          A1.1 Non-Slavics TUE+THU / 15:00–17:30
          A1.2 Non-Slavics MON+WED+THU / 7:30–9:00
          A1.2 Non-Slavics MON+WED / 15:00–17:30
          A1.2 Non-Slavics online TUE+THU/ 18:00–20:30
          A2.1 Non-Slavics TUE+THU / 15:00–17:30
          A2.1 Non-Slavics MON+WED / 9:00–11:30
          A2.2 Non-Slavics TUE+THU / 9:00–11:30
          A2.3 Non-Slavics MON+WED / 17:30–20:00
          A1 Slavics TUE+THU/ 9:00–11:30
          A1 Slavics TUE+THU / 18:00–20:30
          A2.1 Slavics MON+WED / 9:00–11:30
          A2.1 Slavics online TUE+THU / 8:00–10:30
          A2.2 Slavics MON+WED / 9:00–11:30
          A2.2 Slavics MON+WED / 12:00–14:30
          B1.1 MIX MON+WED / 7:30–9:00
          B1.2 MIX MON+WED / 15:00–17:30
          B1.3 MIX TUE+THU / 7:30–9:00
          B1.4 MIX MON+WED/ 9:00–11:30
          B2 MIX MON+WED / 18:00–20:30

          Project "Providing the Centre for Foreigners of the South Moravian Region 2023-2025", CZ.12.01.02/00/23_008/0000010

          Registration is open from 29. 1. 2024 0:00 until 5. 2. 2024 23:59


          Fill out the form in Latin letters.

          Please pick the level accoarding to your knowledge.

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