Czech language courses for EU citizens – We have vacancies

Dear clients,

We will be opening more Czech grammar courses starting the week from 21st February 2022 again. The classes are intended for all EU and EEA citizens who reside in the South Moravian Region.

  • Course levels: A1.2 + A2.1
  • The duration of 1 course: 3 months
  • Regularity of lessons: 2x a week according to the schedule
  • Length of lessons: 1 lesson = 3*45 minutes
  • The focus of the course: General language courses: vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, speaking, writing



    – I have completed a course at the Centre = I know my level –> you continue (apply) to the next level up 


    Covid INFO: Courses are held in person at the address Mezírka 1, Brno. If the situation goes worse, the courses will be held online. 


    1. Select an appropriate course from the list.
    2. Fill in the registration form (at the bottom of this page).
    3. Fill in the “I am not a robot” field before submitting.
    4. Click on the “Submit” button.
    5. Wait for a confirmation email to be sent to you within 10 days.


      Course Teaching days Lesson time
      A1.2  Tue + Thur 13:00–15:30
      A2.1 Tue + Thur 17:30–20:00
      A2.1 Mon + Wed 09:00–11:30

      In course A1.2 you will learn, for example, to talk about your plans, about holidays and traditions, what to say at the doctor and in the pharmacy.

      In course A2.1 you will learn, for example, to talk about your wishes, about the weather, technology, fashion and express what you like / dislike.


      If you have any questions, you can contact our coordinator Jitka Koudelková at


      Registration is open from 7. 2. 2022 0:00

      Fill out the form in Latin letters.

      Vyberte prosím v seznamu některou položku. Úroveň lze rozbalit až při spuštění registrace.


      Part of the services of our centre will move to a new address during December.

      The Centre for Foreigners JMK will be closed for visits from 15.12 until 19.12. If you will need to contact our infocentre during these days, you can write to or call +420 734 510 213.

      The Adaptation-integration courses of 16.12 will take place without change at our former address.

      If your Czech language course would change addresses, you will get information from your teacher.

      Legal and social consultations will not be available from 15.12.2022 until 16.1.2023 in the offices at Mezírka 1, but in offices of our partners OPU and Diecézní Charita Brno. We will inform you of the place of consultation when you reserve a meeting.

      Our infocentre will be at the new address Kounicova 13 from 20.12. It will only take you 3 additional minutes to get there.