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Czech courses for young adults 2020/2021

Where: Mezírka 1, Brno, 602 00

When: 14.9.20-17.12.20 (15:00-17:30), MO+WE  or TUE+THU

The Center for Foreigners JMK opens summer Czech language courses for young adults 13-18 years. 

The exact level will be decided according to the registered students on the basis of placement tests, which will take place on 7th September 2020 from 15:00. We only open courses with enough participants.

The courses are intended for foreigners from countries outside the EU. They are paid from the EU, MVČR and JMK.

Register today 🙂

Registration is open from 12. 8. 2020 0:00


Fill out the form in Latin letters.

Please pick the level accoarding to your knowledge.