Visit of the MoI offices during the period of validity of the prohibition of movement among districts

In connection with the current epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic, movement among districts is prohibited for the period from 1 March to 21 March 2021, with certain exceptions. The handling of urgent official matters in MOI offices is one of these exceptions.

If you have to travel outside the district of your residence to visit the MoI office, you must have a form or a declaration on word of honour with you, stating the place, time, purpose and destination of your travel. If you have a document proving the urgency of your visit, take it with you.

The document proving the urgency of a visit to the MoI offices may be, in particular:

  • a written request from the administrative authority to visit the relevant office
  • a decision on the revocation of a residence permit or a decision on the rejection of an application for a temporary residence permit, which sets a time limit for you to leave the Czech Republic and you need an exit order to be issued
  • confirmation about previously made appointment to visit the workplace:
    o If you made an appointment online at , in this case, confirmation is the e-mail from the portal you received after you made an appointment.
    o If you made an appointment by phone, IT IS POSSIBLE TO REQUEST a confirmation of visit. Send the request containing your name, surname, date of birth, office to which you have made an appointment, date and time of your visit to the email (state “request for extraordinary confirmation” in the subject) and you will receive a confirmation of the visit.

Detailed information: Visit_to_the_MoI_offices-prohibition_of_movement_-_20210301