Vaccination against covid – 19

Vaccination against covid-19 in the Czech Republic has been taking place since December 2020. The vaccine is covered by public health insurance. Vaccination is voluntary.

Following groups of people can register for vaccination currently:

  • older than 70 years,
  • the chronically ill,
  • social workers,
  • pedagogy staff.

Foreigners and vaccination

  • Foreigners who participate in the public health insurance system (eg holders of employment cards, foreigners with permanent residence) are entitled to vaccinations paid by the health insurance company. You will need the number of the insured person respectively assigned birth number, which you have from the Czech health insurance company for registration.
  • Foreigners insured in another EU state (S1 document) or who are entitled to the necessary care according to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are also entitled to vaccination paid by the insurance company. These use for registration the number of the insured person, which they obtain after they have registered with one of the seven Czech health insurance companies.

Vaccination of foreign nationals who do not fit into any of the above categories is currently being negotiated.

If you have comprehensive commercial health insurance with PVZP, the vaccination will be fully covered by this insurance. Other insurance companies providing commercial health insurance have not yet decided on this.

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