Tax return

The last day for submitting the income tax return for 2020 is 3rd May 2021. This year, you can use the online tax office to file your tax return. The personal and corporate income tax return filed electronically extends the deadline until 1st June 2021. (source: Twitter @alenaschillerov) It is still possible to submit a tax return personally at the tax offices. Anyone who cannot submit a tax return electronically or in-person can send it to the tax office by post.

The postponement of the deadline is actually a remission of sanctions. If the taxpayer files a tax return and pays the tax after the extended deadlines, the administration can calculate the sanction from 1st April, resp. 3rd May.

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If you do not know how to fill out a tax return form, you can follow the instruction in the record from our webinar on the topic “How to fill out a tax return“. (only in Czech and Russian)