Tax return

Please note: Tax returns are not completed or filed at our Centre!

In view of the increasing number of enquiries at our social counselling Centre, we would like to make information related to the topic of tax returns more visible.

  1. Tax returns can be filed in the Czech Republic until 1 April 2022,
  2. this return is filed with the Tax Office (in some cases through the employer, if this is possible),
  3. in order to file the tax return you need to have a Certificate of Income for the previous year (2021),
  4. there will be a webinar at the Centre for Foreigners on completing the tax return: 22.2.2022 (RU) and 1.3.2022 (in EN) 

We will post a link to the webinar on the website and social media in the near future. 

Thank you for your understanding!