Research for Ombudsman – interviews with EU citizens

Dear clients,

The Office of the Public Defender of Rights has decided to organize a survey among foreigners, EU citizens, who work in the Czech Republic. This survey For the Ombudsman’s Office organise company MindBridge Consulting a.s. The survey includes individual interviews with EU citizens working in the Czech Republic. The main topic is their experience with the labour market in the Czech Republic.

The individual interview will be conducted by an interviewer from MindBridge Consulting agency. The duration of the individual interview should be approximately 45 minutes. It will be recorded on audio equipment (This recording is used only for the agency and other anonymous processing of all individual interviews) and the respondent will be rewarded by 300 CZK for the interview. 

Who are we looking for?

  • a) 2-3 EU citizens who work in any company in the Czech Republic but are hired through an employment agency – interview in Czech
  • b) 2-3 citizens from Poland, Bulgaria or Romania – interview in Czech
  • c) 2-3 EU citizens except for Polish, Bulgarians and Romanians – the interview must be conducted in the language of the respondent (with an interpreter)

If you are interested in participating in this survey, please contact Mr Tomáš Kravka from MindBridge Consulting a.s. at the email address