Census of Population, Flats and Houses 2021

Who is obliged to take part in the census?

This year takes place the 3rd census of people, flats and houses in the history of the independent Czech Republic. All Czech citizens and foreigners who have stayed in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days are obliged to take part in the census. Children and incompetent people to perform legal acts are also obliged to take part in the census. The other adult members of the household can fill in their forms. 

Everyone present in the Czech Republic at the decisive moment (from 26th March to 27th March) have to take part. It does not matter if you have a permanent or temporary residence. Diplomats and tourists do not have to take part in the census.

If you live in an estate you own, it is your responsibility to choose this address. If you are renting your own estate, you do not fill in the census form for this property. It will be filled by tenants who live there. The owners are not responsible for filling in the census forms of individual apartment users. If you are the owner of an unoccupied apartment, you do not fill out the form for this property. Unoccupied flats are added up directly by the census commissioners. 

What is the sanction?

If someone does not fulfil their legal obligation, commissioners will use data available in the state’s databases. According to the law, a fine of up to CZK 10,000 can be imposed for failure to provide data. 

How does the census work?

  • 27th March –  11th May – ONLINE CENSUS (https://scitani.cz/ – There are 7 language versions of the online form in English, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Romani)
  • 27th April – 11th MayClassical CENSUS (If you do not fill in the online form, you will receive a paper form in your letterbox. The paper form is only in Czech, but you can download the translation on the website. There are 7 language versions of the translation.)
  • 28th May – 31st December – DATA PROCESSING
  • 2022 – RESULTS

All important information can be found at www.scitani.cz.