How’s your story?

The Vesna association is preparing a collection of stories of those who were not born in the Czech Republic and yet their life crossed paths with Brno.

We share their call: 


Dear expats of Brno,  

We would like to invite you to a creative project My life with Brno 

The idea is to show Brno through the eyes of “new Brňáci and Brňanky” 

A city’s identity is constructed over individual identities of its citizens. And it’s you, no matter where you were born and what circumstances brought you to Brno.  

So, do you think that Brno is your city?  

What was that moment or experience when you realized that you are a true citizen of Brno? Or vice versa – when you realized that Brno isn’t your city. 

So please write – in your own language or in Czech – a short story (maximum 1800 characters) about the situation that was crucial for “I’m from Brno” decision. Or, on the contrary, that Brno is just a stop on your life journey. 

We will create a collection of the stories, and then the selected ones will find a new artistic form, for example, a comic or a short video. 

Please send your text by 15 April 2023 to 

Thank you – we look forward to an interesting read! 

Barbora Antonová