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Online offers for students with different mother language and their teachers in connection with COVID-19

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Did you stay at home with your children and now you do not know how to help them with their studies and homework to do not behind the curve in their classroom after coming back to school? There are some articles on Czech websites what can help you with it. This is a first short summary of the article on zpravy.aktualne.cz called “How to teach your children at home during a „corona holidays“.

  1. Publishing house FRAUS placed every basic and high school electronic textbooks on their website for free. Just log in (www.fraus.cz)and choosing the year of studies is needed.
    The same step was taken by the publishers Nová škola, where you can find help with homework via videos and online materials. Link here: www.nns.cz. Just registration like a student is needed and after that, you can use materials at mathematics, Czech language, history, geography, Chemistry and etc. Every material will be able to use for free until 30th June.
  2. FRAUS also provide an online communication between teachers and students for free in here: fred.fraus.cz
  3. For home practising, pupils can use online portal www.skolasnadhledem.cz. You can find there some useful materials for Czech, math and other knowledge replenishment.
  4. For mathematics from 1st to 5th year of studies, it is possible to utilize materials at www.matyskova-matematika.cz, where is more than 5000 of teaching videos.
  5. For students from 3rd to 9th grades of elementary school, SCIO made their tests available for free by the app ScioDat for schools and parents can find tests here: www.scio.cz. You just have to order these tests, choose the option of payment and finish the order. After these steps you will see that the order was paid automatically – you will not pay anything.
  6. Short cross-sectional tests you can find also here: www.kalibro.cz
    justification of the correct answers here: www.kalibro.cz
  7. The well-known online education for free is also Kano’s school which is in Czech (cs.khanacademy.org), but also in English: www.khanacademy.org with Czech subtitles.
  8. For those who are interested in science, you can visit this website www.otevrenaveda.cz/nezkreslena-veda to watch short animated videos thematically focused on science and educational knowledge. (in czech)
  9. Since Monday, March 16, 2020, Czech Television has launched a project called UčíTelka. Every day, students of the first grade of elementary schools wait for TV lessons on the ČT2
    On Tuesdays and Thursdays she will help in the program Home at ČT1 with preparation for entrance exams.

Recommendation from the Cezch teachers active at social media: 

Where you can find volunteers, who can teach your children? 

  1. Facebook group “Dobro v době korony JMK”  – Mostly in Czech. If you need to find the voluntary teacher for your children search the articles with hashtag #ddoucovani
  2. pomocdodomu.cz – Website where are volunteers from the whole Czech Republic
  3. Are you looking for the teacher for your children? Do you need to prepare yourself for the entrance exams or the school-leaving exam?

    Students – volunteers from MU are ready to teach foreign pupils. You can communicate with them in English and Russian.

    Just visit this website munipomaha.cz, click on the button “I need help as an individual or institution” and register yourself through the online form.

    The form is available in Czech and English version.

We will let you know about the newest information.

Be safe!