Better Self, Better World conference

Dear clients, 

we would like to inform you about the conference Better Self, Better World, which is organised by Speakers include, for example, Petr Ludwig – author of the worldwide bestseller “Konec Prokrastinace” or Renata MrázováChief People Officer at Home Credit.


on Saturday, November 30 in Kino Scala, Brno

  • know-how from teh world-wide sold Czech author of the End of Procrastination book
  • expat stories on how living abroad change your life
  • advice on how to deal with stress when relocating
  • a bit of Maori culture in Brno
  • how to lead ani international team
  • tips for more balance in our lives by well-known dentists with a holistic medicine approach
  • much more!

Join and expand your horizons!


9:00 — 16:30 Motivational lectures with eight speakers from both the Czech Republice and abroad (Romania, Slovakia, New Zealand)

17:00 — 20:00 Hot wine networking session


Tickets: 990 CZK

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