Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  1. I don’t know what level I am at. How can I find out?

Tests are held before the beginning of each course and the date is always published in advance. The tests take place at the Centre. In the case of conversation courses, please register for the same level as you are currently attending in the grammar course. If the teacher discovers that your Czech language level does not correspond to the course level, you will unfortunately be expelled from the course. Therefore, please think carefully about which course you wish to enrol in.

  1.  I don’t understand the Slav/non-Slav distinction.

We have decided to divide the lessons at lower levels due to the different style of teaching for Slavs and non-Slavs. Slavs include nationalities which speak Slavic languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Macedonian and Belarusian. If you speak any of these languages fluently, but come from a non-Slav country, please send us a query or come and see us and fill in an assessment test (see question 1).

  1. Can I enrol in several courses in order to increase the chance that I will get into at least one of them? Can I try enrolling in various levels?


Is only possible to enrol in ONE attendance course.

  1. My attendance at a previous course was low (less than 75%). Does it make sense for me to enrol in another course?

If there is significant interest in the course, we give preference to those clients who have met the attendance conditions in previous courses and whose attendance was in excess of 75%. For this reason, you will not be immediately accepted into the course, but you do have a chance to be accepted there, if the course does not fill up or if somebody else cancels. We will inform you, if such a case occurs, and we will send you all the necessary information.

  1. What time do the courses take place?

The morning course: 9 am – 11:30 am

The afternoon course: 3 pm – 5.30 pm

The evening course: 6 pm – 8:30 pm

  1. My course is full: what should I do?

If your course is already full, please sign up for the waiting list.

If the waiting list is also full, you can check it again from time to time. It is possible that people will be deleted from it as they are accepted for the course.

Otherwise, the course is at full capacity and it is not possible to join it.