Adaptation-integration courses

Starting out in a new country is not always easy. The adaptation-integration courses are a useful first step for foreigners when embarking on their life in a new country. Foreigners who have come to the Czech Republic and who are planning to stay here for the long-term receive basic information in the courses about:

  • the Czech Republic in general,
  • culture,
  • the issue of residency,
  • the education system and the recognition of an acquired education,
  • employment and entrepreneurship,
  • healthcare and health insurance,
  • the social system and social security,
  • housing,
  • the family and many other pieces of practical information about everyday life in the Czech Republic.

The courses are free of charge and they are held in Czech with interpreting into English, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, French, Mongolian or Arabic.

You can also find more information about the courses here: