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Private: Czech E-learning Course for Non-EU Citizens (Autumn 2022)

New Czech e-learning courses for beginners and intermediate learners will be launched on 17. October 2022. 

Registration will start on 26 September 2022 at 18:00 and will close on 9 October 18:00. 

The courses and registration into the courses will be on our webpages for e-learning.


If you are unsure with the registration, take a look at the photo instructions.

What are e-learning courses?

E-learning courses contain reading, listening, interactive exercises aimed at comprehension, interactive grammar exercises, writing exercises and speaking.  

The course has 12 lessons (1 lesson per week). Each lesson has a deadline. After this deadline the teacher will give you feedback for your speaking or writing assignments. Other parts are evaluated by the system itself. 

How to choose your level? 

You can enroll into the e-learning course even if you are already attending our classic in-person course. The level in the in-person course corresponds to two levels in e-learning. You can choose your level according to the table:  


In-person course









Which courses are we opening?

We are going to open courses with these levels:

  • A1.1
  • A1.2
  • A1.3
  • A1.4

Do you have any questions? 

 If you have any other question, contact our coordinator Karel Matoušek –