COM project


WHO: OPU for the Czech Republic and other 6 European countries, DJ OPIA as a producer, tutors MC Gey, Michailov and other music artists.

WHAT: We will choose 25 creative young people in the age of 12-18. It will be a mixed group of Czechs and foreigners from various schools who will meet regularly under the guidance of experienced rappers and together they will compose and structure the texts, go to a recording studio and work on a CD that should be a result of their joint activity.

WHEN: The group will meet from January to May 2020, most probably on Thursday afternoon at the Pomezí, o.s. club (Kounicova 3, Brno). 16:00 – 18:00

WHY: We want to unite young people. We are interested in the topics that the young ones are dealing with, their views of the world around them, what is important for them, what they like and dislike. We want them to be able to express it in a form that is near to them, through music. And we also want others to hear it.

HOW: Through creative workshops aimed mainly at rap and hip hop, with a concert and music CD as a final product. The communication language will be Czech, but it need not be perfect. The music knows no limits.


Contact persons:

Iveta Rožničková; iveta.roznickova@opu.cz

Eva Kaličinská; eva.kalicinska@opu.cz